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If it moves, put batteries in it. That seems to be a popular strategy these days and in the men’s shaving market, the US is set to get a shake-up with the launch of Gillette’s first powered razor.
Gillette M3Power, described as a Mach3 innovation, is a powered wet shaving system for men and is claimed to use breakthrough blade and razor technologies with innovative engineering, to deliver the world’s best shave.
Using an AAA battery, the M3Power razor gives an easier, closer shave thanks to gentle pulses sent to the shaving cartridge, to stimulate hair upward and away from the skin. The blades feature a new coating that is designed to increase shaving comfort for the life of the blade.
It also features an Indicator Lubrastrip with vitamin E, and an ergonomically designed handle with gripping surfaces. Despite the battery, it is fine to use in the shower.
The razor, along with two refill cartridges and a Duracell AAA battery, will retail for around $14.99. This represents a significant premium to new lines such as Schick Quattro, which typically sells for around $8.99 for a razor and two cartridges. Indeed, Schick-Wilkinson Sword’s new Quattro four-blade razor is still big news in the US and Europe, while Gillette will count on its new line to drive sales in the blade and razor category, as the next stage on from Mach3.
Meanwhile, P& G has introduced Tide Stainbrush into the US, a battery-operated brush designed to remove deep stains from fabrics.n Company:
Gillette M3Power
n Country: US