The January dieting rush hasn’t deterred Sainsbury's from stocking a new and indulgent chocolate cake range created by the former commercial director of Gü Puds.

Mr Bunbury was set up last May to supply two independent London cafés with chocolate cakes, and launched into retail this month.

The company, founded by ex-Gü director Nick Fox, has gained a listing in Sainsbury's for its Outrageously Chocolatey Madagascan Brownies, Shamelessly Seductive Millionaires Shortbread and Distractingly Decadent Biscuit Cakes.

The cake recipes include full-fat butter and rich, 66%-cocoa Madagascan chocolate, but are additive and preservative-free.

The company name comes from Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest - Mr Bunbury is a made-up person used as an excuse to escape boring occasions.

“The launch of Mr Bunbury chocolately goodies comes at a time when the nation deserves a treat,” said Fox.

“Our philosophy is that if people are going to spend their hard-earned cash on a little bit of indulgence, they should buy the very best and relish the experience.”

The Victorian-style packaging accentuates the brand’s quirky appeal.

Each 200g five-pack box has an rsp of £1.99.