Crispy Bacon-flavour snack Frazzles is being brought under the Walkers banner as it celebrates its 30th birthday.
The crisps, previously sold under the Smiths name, follow in the footsteps of Salt ‘n’ Shake, another famous Smiths crisp brand which changed to the Walkers logo in 2003.
Frazzles has also been given a packaging revamp, including metalised film, to bring it in line with other products in the portfolio, such as Quavers.
PepsiCo trade marketing manager Nicky Seal said the Walkers logo had much greater recognition than Smiths. “Moving from Smiths to Walkers is a proven sales driver,” she said.
Walkers bought Smiths crisps in 1979 and the logo still appears on pub favourites such as Scampi Fries, Bacon Fries, Chipsticks and Cheese Moments.