A Cornish farmer has been set the unusual challenge of identifying a line-up of his own cows by touch alone.

Peter Blake of Stone Farm in East Cornwall was asked to identify five of his herd of 220 cows by sight – and then again while blindfolded. The results of the challenge can be seen in the video above.

Blake is one of 23 suppliers to Trewithen Dairy of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, which is using social media to connect with customers and get across its messages around animal welfare. The family-owned dairy has drawn up a three-part charter on how to ensure that dairy cows get the best care.

Facebook users were invited to guess whether Blake would be able to identify each of cows.

Blake said: “When I was put on the spot like that it was actually quite nerve-wracking, but I’m glad that I managed to do it in the end.

“The welfare of my cows is very important to me. All my animals are treated like individuals – each one is different and I know their characters. It takes a lot of hard work to keep them happy and healthy, but the quality of the milk they produce makes it worth it.”

The video forms part of a monthly series of films the dairy is releasing via its Facebook page.

Francis Clarke, Trewithen’s commercial director, said: “At Trewithen we understand the importance of communicating to customers the journey our products make from field to fridge and we know that social media is a great way to engage with people.”