Moo Milk

Moo Milk is bringing flavoured milk products to Morrisons

Moo – the extended-life milk brand formerly owned by Milk Link – has launched a range of flavoured milks.

Chocolate, strawberry and chocolate fudge-cake flavours launched exclusively into Morrisons this month and brand owner Crediton Dairy is currently speaking to other retailers about listings.

“It taps into an area that’s showing really good strong growth at the moment,” said Crediton Dairy’s senior brand manager Carole Baker.

In the past, Moo has primarily focused on plain milk, although in 2009 it launched flavoured milks such as ‘Strawberry Sundae’ and a banana and chocolate variant, ‘Choc ‘o Nana’, which subsequently came out of the market.

Crediton Dairy – formerly part of Milk Link – is in the process of being sold in an MBO, after Arla was forced to sell the UHT and flavoured milk plant to gain clearance for its merger with Milk Link from the European Commission last year.

The MBO is being led by former Milk Link CEO Neil Kennedy and former FD Tim Smiddy.