Freshgro is looking to shake up carrot snacks with the launch of Chantenay carrot snack packs.

Carrot snacking was dominated by carrot batons, according to Freshgro. Chantenay snack packs would provide a point of difference because they were sliced lengthways, ­allowing them to retain their shape, the company said. It also meant they were "great for dips."

Freshgro had invested time and energy in developing technology to deliver a product that enabled it to retain the quality and succulence of the Chantenay, added Martin Evans, MD of Freshgro. "The Chantenay's sweetness makes it an ­appealing, healthy snack."

Packs are available in ­single, 80g round pots for adults, and multipacks of four 65g snap packs aimed at children and adults. Adult variants bear black and ­orange branding and a ­children's pack design will incorporate the 'Tiny C' ­cartoon character.