Dairy Crest is using dirty tricks in its latest bid to tempt shoppers into the Frijj milkshake range.

‘Augmented reality’ technology allows consumers to hold Frijj bottles up to a webcam and a sexy Swamp Soccerette cheerleader will appear to climb out of the bottle and dance for the consumer.

The oddball promotion ties in with the blokey milkshake brand’s sponsorship of the upcoming Swamp Soccer World Cup 2010, which takes place near Glasgow.

Consumers will also have the chance to win a place in the Swamp Soccer World Cup and other prizes worth £40,000 by texting a special code on the outer sleeve of the bottle.

The promotion is running on limited-edition cookie dough flavour Frijj milkshake bottles and will be backed by PR and online support.

“Frijj consumers are at the forefront of technological innovation, with an inherent thirst for new concepts, and they expect Frijj activity to be a bit more risqué and edgy, as well as entertaining,” said Marc Dubery, liquids sales and marketing director at Dairy Crest.

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