A new discount grocery website called Rosspa was launched this week, selling branded and fresh lines under the strapline 'cheaper online groceries'.

Deals at Rosspa include £2.89 price-marked packs of Jordans Country Crisp for £1.25, and five Snickers bars for £1. The retailer also sells fresh products from local suppliers such as large loaves of bread for 80p, 450g packs of back bacon for £1.99 and two cauliflowers for £1. Deliveries over £50 are free.

The site was launched by Ross Assenheim, owner of Barleylands farm shop, in Billericay, Essex.

Assenheim said the idea came from customer feedback in the farm shop. "Visitors from all over the country said they wished they had a shop like this where they live," he said.

Although Rosspa buys most ambient supplies from residual wholesalers and some are short-dated, Assenheim said he would not sell out-of-date stock.

Alan Saywell, MD of residual wholesaler Rowan International, which supplies Barleylands, said "his achievements are testament to what can be done with entrepreneurial spirit."