Frozen food home delivery retailer Eismann UK has launched into meals on wheels with a new venture, Country Home Foods.

The company is similar to Eismann UK, which delivers frozen ready meals ordered through a catalogue or the website and delivered to a customer’s home, but Country Home Foods has been developed to specifically target elderly customers who want to remain independent.

Customers can order from a choice of more than 200 ready meals, snacks and desserts, including faggots in gravy, apricot chicken and liver, bacon & mash. The products have been created with nutrition consultant Penny Doyle and include options for special diets such as diabetic foods, low-fat, soft diet meals, gluten-free, free-from and vegetarian.

The catalogue has also been designed with larger print and images, as well as a dietary key to display dietary needs.

“In the very short time we have been selling the Country Home Foods range we are pleased with the results,” said Eismanm UK chairman Karl Schneider. “We have more than 25 years of working in frozen food and we have learnt how to successfully deal with frozen foods and give our customers a positive home retail experience.”

Schneider said he was confident there was room for another player in the sector, especially as frozen food was increasing in popularity. The sector rose 6.7% to £4.8bn in the year to May [TNS].

Eismann UK has 130 vans delivering from 11 depots to 180,000 customers. It has been operating in Germany for 45 years and has been in the UK for 25 years.