Gü will make a decision next year as to whether it will push on or ditch its struggling venture into frozen.

Managing director James Averdieck told The Grocer that it planned to focus on its chilled business, where it still had "so much to go for".

"We've not made any firm decision yet on frozen," he said. "We're much better known in chilled, but for the time being we will carry on in frozen. From a product point of view, we did get it right. But frozen is simply a lot tougher."

Gü entered ice cream last year, following it up with Bombe au Chocolat, a dark chocolate mousse and sponge in May this year.

However, it has failed to make significant inroads into a category dominated by promotions.

"We tried its ice cream at the beginning of the season this year in April, but took it out after eight weeks," said NisaFreeze trading controller Steve Dixon.

The under performance of Gü's frozen offer was marked because it came during a period of strong growth for premium ice cream, with Häagen-Dazs and Ben and Jerry's sales particularly strong at Nisa.

He added that he was surprised at the lack of interest because of the success Gü achieved in chilled.

"It was clearly a step too far. Chilled is dominated by own label, so there is space to build a brand," he said. "But frozen is an area that's dominated by multimillion pound spending brands."

Separately, Gü is looking at launching single servings in order to capture a slice of the impulse market. Until now, its pot desserts have come in packs of three.

However, in its brand tie-up with Virgin, Gü has tested single pots on its flights. As a result of that success, it is exploring launching a similar product for retail to grow its appeal at different mealtimes.

"Our brownies have been a big success by moving people from eating our products at the end of the day to the middle of the afternoon," said Averdieck.

Gü's seasonal ranges, which were first introduced in the summer with a chocolate & raspberry pudding, have proved successful, he said, adding that a nutty variant was due to be launched this month.

Gü is forecast to hit retail sales of £24m in the UK for the year to January, up 50% on last year.