Greenvale AP is making its first push into branded potatoes following a successful trial in Tesco last year.

The company’s Farm Fresh potatoes arrived in 200 Tesco stores on Monday and will initially be exclusive to the retailer. Sold in 2kg bags, the Jelly variety potatoes have a buttery flavour and creamy texture.

The move into a branded product was intended to help grow the total potato category by attracting new consumers and encouraging trading up from Maris Piper or other standard white potatoes, said Greenvale head of marketing Leon Mundey.

“Our brand provides a reliably consistent product that will deliver on taste and freshness every time,” Mundey said.

Greenvale handles 600,000 tonnes of potatoes every year. Its Farm Fresh line was trialled in 29 Tesco stores and will now compete with rival brands including Good Natured Fruit’s Splendid Spuds, Albert Bartlett’s Rooster potatoes and National Trust branded potatoes.