Morrisons has launched the first UK-grown Smitten apples in a bid to extend its in-store window of availability.

Morrisons has been stocking the apples - which were originally developed by New Zealand plant breeders - for the past two years but this year is the first time it has sold UK-grown apples.

Smitten have the characteristics of four other apples varieties from which they are bred: Royal Gala, Braeburn, Fiesta and Falstaff.

Morrisons had been working closely in partnership with growers to introduce Smitten apples to English orchards, said Morrisons apple buyer Glenn Bewley. “As the orchards develop we hope to offer customers this great tasting variety for a longer period of the year from both imported and UK sources.”

The apples went into a limited number of Morrisons stores on Friday.