Another brewer is reacting to the challenge to its traditional markets from premium packaged spirits by introducing a fruit flavoured beer. Fuller's has chosen cranberry, one of the leading flavours in the PPS sector, for an extension of its Organic Honey Dew brand which will launch nationally in May. The news follows hot on the heels of rival Holsten's decision to bring out a range of fruit flavoured lagers under the Holsten Fusion banner (The Grocer, March 30, p54). The London brewer has been a leading innovator in the industry and one of the few to try radical approaches to brewing. Its launches in the last three years have included Jack Frost Ale containing blackcurrant, which successfully replaced its Winter Ale. It also launched Red Fox made with toasted oats, Summer Ale using wheat and Organic Honey Dew featuring honey. Brands marketing manager David Spencer said: "We are keen to look at things apart from malt and hops for our beer. For this latest brew we have used pure organic cranberry juice, not flavouring, and it gives Honey Dew a dry fruity twist. "Adding fruit to beer is nothing new. The Belgians have been doing it for centuries." He added: "Honey Dew with a Twist of Cranberry is not designed to compete with PPSs. The flavours are different. It is a beer with a more sophisticated flavour. We don't expect to be taking a big chunk of Bacardi Breezer's market share with this." The launch will be backed by a major sampling initiative and plans are being made to support both Organic Honey Dew styles with advertising later in the year. {{DRINKS }}