Get More vitamin drinks

Get More vitamin drinks
June 2013
: More or Less Drinks Company
Forget all-purpose vitamin drinks. Get More offers you exactly the vitamins you want. There are four products in the adult range: orange with vitamin C mango and passionfruit variant with extra vitamin D vitamin B boosting apple and raspberry and citrus flavour multivitamin variant. There are also kids’ SKUs under the A Little More label. The drinks have rolled out into 800 Tesco stores and have an rsp of £1.45 for the adult drinks (500ml) and £1.09 for the kid’s varieties (330ml).

Heinz pouches

Heinz Pouches
January 2013
Supplier: Heinz
This range of baby meals fortified with vitamins and minerals took more than twice the market share Heinz expected it to in its first few months on shelf. The pouched products come in two ranges for different stages of the weaning process - smooth textured (rsp: 89p/100g) and mash-textured (rsp: £1.19/130g).

Nurishment Active

Nurishment Active
: July 2013
Supplier: Enco Products
Nurishment Active, a high-protein milk drink specially formulated to help the body recover after exercise, makes the leap into the multiples with a listing in Sainsbury’s and further multiple listings expected in the autumn. The 500ml bottle is available in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours and retails at £2.29.

Red Apple Ribena

Ribena Plus Red Apple
February 2013
Supplier: GlaxoSmithKline
Apple is one of the fastest-growing flavours in the squash sector, according to GSK, and it hopes to tap into this interest with its new Ribena Plus flavour fortified with vitamins A, C and E. The variant is available in a squash 850ml format (rsp: £2.89), 500ml RTD (£1.09), and multipacks. The launch is being backed by a £6m spend.

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