Source: Wild Cosmetics

Wild Cosmetics will roll out its refill deodorants from March

DTC startup Wild Cosmetics has raised £500k of seed capital to launch natural refill deodorants and eliminate single-use plastic in the bathroom.

The brand will roll out its 100% biodegradable deodorant refills and reusable aluminium cases at the beginning of March.

The refills – in five fragrances – will be available to purchase on a flexible subscription basis or as a one-off transaction.

“We believe whilst people are becoming a lot more interested and concerned about the physical and environmental impact of products they buy, they will not change their habits if this means compromising on convenience, efficacy or brand alignment,” co-founder Freddy Ward said.

Ward, who previously worked as director of marketing for HelloFresh, added that selling DTC will allow the brand to use reviews and data to tailor and personalise its products to different customer profiles.

“The brilliance of DTC is you can really understand your customers, have a direct connection and build a relationship with them while learning about your product and market,” he said, without however excluding the possibility of a future entrance into retail for Wild Cosmetics.

Going forward, the company also plans to expand into different personal care products such as shower gel, shampoo and toothpaste.

“We are focused on products that people are using everyday in their routines that currently use unnecessary plastic or that are heavily chemical-based,” Ward explained.

“We really believe in helping people transition to safer, more natural-based ingredients, making sure they don’t have to compromise or do some weird ritual to use them.”

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