Scotch beef is hoping to get the new year off to a good start with a fresh ad campaign.
This week Quality Meat Scotland launched the press adverts, featuring its iconic pin up Glen the Highlander, to inform consumers about the nutritional benefits of Scotch beef and the assurance schemes it is covered by.
The ads take a light hearted look at Scottish life. The first two focus on football and the weather, stating that while you can't rely on them, you can always rely on the great taste of Scotch beef'.
A third advert, inspired by the trials of commuting, will be launched in the spring.
Alasdair Muir, MD of Quality Meat Scotland, said: "The new campaign is designed to appeal to consumers by providing them with relevant, amusing anecdotes of Scottish life.
"Sales of Scotch beef are continuing to grow and we hope to encourage this trend and ensure many more consumers enjoy this fantastic, home-grown product."
The campaign is being supported by a £100,000 grant from the EU and will run until the spring.