Independent Scottish company Graham’s the Family Dairy has launched a new organic unsalted butter. The new butter will be packaged with the company’s usual ‘tartan wellies’ imagery to convey the local farming message.

“We have had increasing enquiries from consumers and chefs asking us to produce unsalted organic butter, the production process of which is the same as our creamy organic slightly salted butter,” said MD Robert Graham.

The company, which is currently the only dairy offering Scottish organic butter, has upped its organic butter production by 93%, and its organic milk output by a similar rate. Organic now accounts for 10% of its business and it supplies 12% of Sainsbury’s organic milk north of the border.

The company is still confirming listings, but it currently supplies its organic range to Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Waitrose, as well as Macdonald Hotels and delis and farm shops.