Exclusive Karen Dempsey Loyd Grossman, who has made his grocery name in premium sauces, dressings and pasta, is to turn his hand to olive oil and bagels. The inspiration for Grossman's ranges has been his annoyance at not being able to get any decent products of their type in the UK. The move into bagels ­ which will be premium bagels priced at around £1.39 for five ­ reflects his American heritage. "After 25 years of living in the UK I still can't buy a fabulous bagel from a supermarket," he said. "The market is relatively small as there is no product good enough to make people realise the virtues of the bagel and so stimulate demand. This launch will infuse enthusiasm, passion and personality into what is too often a dull and anonymous bakery fixture." Grossman has been trawling olive oil producers for the past year and has plumped for a blend made to his requirements by an Italian producer. He said the olive oil fixture is confused "with a lot of own label and meaningless brands which don't say anything to the consumer or give assurances about the quality. What we'll bring to the fixture is great tasting quality olive oil." (It should retail for around £4.50 for 750ml). He insists that his products are not badge jobs' and that he is personally involved with every step of their development. Grossman olive oil and bagels should reach the market by early summer. He is also extending his range of curry sauces. {{MARKETING - P&P }}