UDV UK Ltd Templefields House River Way Harlow Essex CM20 2EA Tel: 01279 626801 Fax: 01279 633115 Customer inquiries: 01279 633330 It's party time in Tennessee In Lynchburg USA, home of Jack Daniel's, the biggest event in the last 12 months was not the millennium but the 150th birthday of the world famous Tennessee sipping whiskey. And the celebrations continue into 2001 as Jack Daniel's brand owner UDV keeps the party going for another whole year, not just in Lynchburg, but with whiskey drinkers across the world. Parties and events will be taking place to involve consumers in the anniversary and encourage them to raise a celebratory glass. Special packs have been produced to coincide with the anniversary, offering Jack Daniel's souvenirs and gifts and driving impulse purchases by fans of the brand. In multiple grocers a new tin featuring the famous 70cl bottle has been produced, while in the C&C sector the Jack Daniel's gift carton has a 2001 calendar offer attached. A new Jack Daniel's miniature tin, featuring a 5cl bottle and shot glass is aimed at collectors as well as gift buyers. "Throughout 2001 Jack Daniel's will continue to build on its reputation as one of the most unique and well-loved brands in the world," says Jack Daniel's brand manager Candice Diamond. Meanwhile, stable mate Southern Comfort has its own reason to celebrate with successful sponsorship this year of one of the most watched programmes on TV ­ Big Brother ­ and the biggest ever competition for unsigned music artists, liveanduncut.com. Throughout Christmas sampling will take place of at least 60,000 consumers through Southern Impact ­ an initiative aimed at reintroducing 18-24 year olds to the taste and credibility of Southern Comfort. In addition, Southern Comfort is spending an extra £1million on poster advertising at more than 7000 sites, including billboard ads in all Tesco supermarket carparks, encouraging consumers to stock up for the Christmas period. Special gift packs will also feature in major multiple retailers, while other promotions include price-marked packs which give Southern Comfort fans £1.50 off a litre bottle. Brand manager Graham Tulloch says: "Southern Comfort had a fantastic millennium last year and I am confident that it is about to enjoy another good Christmas sales period." Spirit indicators · Birthday promotions for Jack Daniel's to include collectors' and gift packs · Celebration events and tastings worldwide · Southern Impact hits town with 60,000 Southern Comfort samplings · Price marked packs give £1.50 off 1litre bottle for Comfort fans {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}