The Sherry Institute of Spain 66 Chiltern Street London W1U 4LS Tel: 020 7759 7400 Fax: 020 7487 5586 KEY CONTACTS Director Graham Hines Sharing in sherry's success... Sherry is enjoying a well deserved renaissance in the off-trade. The Sherry Institute of Spain's campaign in 2000 has seen the first ever generic in store sherry sampling taking place in major multiple and specialist wine aisles with Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Oddbins & Majestic among the retailers who are running in-store sherry sampling. Graham Hines, director of The Sherry Institute of Spain, says: "We've made a huge commitment to supporting retailers with a substantial sum of money being allocated to promotions and support advertising in 2000 and we're already seeing uplifts in sales." Sherry in store Independent retailer promotions are a key part of The Sherry Institute of Spain's off-trade campaign. Funding is allocated to independent retailers who have come up with a promotional plan to promote sherry in the run up to Christmas. Julie Wyres at Noble Rot Wine Warehouses, Worcestershire is delighted that funding is being provided to those retailers who want to make sherry a key feature in store. "The funding we are receiving will encourage our regular customers to try the different sherry styles through in store sampling and point of sale material, thus increasing our sherry customer base." Judith Jerodiaconou, sherry buyer for Sainsbury's, adds: "In-store sampling is a proven method of attracting new and lapsed customers, which is vital for the sherry category. It's important for the consumer to experience the variety of styles available ­ sampling in the wine aisles gives them this opportunity." While Matt Pym, sherry buyer for Majestic Wine Warehouses, says: "Sherry's strength is that it provides incredible quality at great value-for-money prices. Majestic customers are becoming increasingly aware of this through our sherry promotions." Serving suggestions Here are some ideas on serving sherry in store: · Customers need easy guidelines to help them choose their style of sherry, so keep it simple ­ a good range is a fino, amontillado, cream and pale cream sherry which you can talk the customer through with ease, with a manzanilla and PX (Pedro Ximénez) sherry for added interest · Keep it in the fridge ­ pre-chill sherries for your tastings and keep some in the fridge so customers can pick up a bottle on their way to a dinner party. It will also remind them that they will enjoy their sherry more when it is served chilled · Good presentation is the sure-fire way to influence customers. Large wineglasses and half bottles remind them how easy it is to enjoy sherry. A bowl of olives, salted almonds or slices of manchego cheese finishes off the experience. Or you could seasonalise your tasting by serving a cream sherry with Christmas cake! · Draw attention to your sherry section with shelf barkers and back this up with verbal endorsement. "Why not recommend a dry fino or manzanilla sherry when your customer asks for help with choosing a good white wine?" suggests Hines. "The quality of sherry is consistently good and it goes fantastically well with nibbles like olives and nuts." · Encourage consumers to drink up! Sherry is best drunk when fresh so customers should be informed of how long they can store their sherry in the fridge. Once opened, dry styles, like other white wines, will keep for two or three days. Medium and sweet styles can be kept for a few weeks. If you would like more details about these retailer promotions, contact Emily Butcher at Phipps PR, tel 020 7759 7400, fax: 020 7759 7402 or e-mail {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}