(an advertising supplement) Nedan Confectionery Britannia House Hockerill Street Bishop's Stortford Herts CM23 2DW Tel: 01279 653465 Fax: 01279 653454 E-mail: nedan@nedan-uk.demon.co.uk Websites: www.nedan.co.uk www.roadrunnersrace.com Key contact Product Manager Nick Cairns Key products Roadrunners ­ Motor Madness (175g) Chewy Dodgems Flashy GTIs (175g) Grand Prix Pile-ups (175g) Mega bag (420g) Van Slooten Sugarfree Winegums Made to make sales motor Now's your chance to put sweet sales into overdrive with new Roadrunners from Nedan Confectionery. Aimed primarily at six to 12-year-old kids, Nedan claims the fun car shaped jellies, wine gums, foam and mallow have equalled or outsold many established confectionery brands in trials. Stuck squarely in the other gums and jellies market, currently growing at 20% y-o-y (AC Nielsen), Roadrunners raises the chequered flag on a new lap in product development for Nedan, allowing it to toy with fresh flavours and textures and other vehicle shapes. The range extends from small countline bags, large hanging bags and a multi bag containing 16 mini bags, with a countline in three varieties ­ Chewy Dodgems (a funky fusion of jelly and foam), Flashy GTIs (soft, sugared juicy jellies) and Grand Prix Pile-ups (smashing fruity gums and jellies), priced for the after school/impulse trade at 25p for 40g. Hanging bags include Motor Madness (a crazy mix of gums, jellies, foam and mallow), Chewy Dodgems, Flashy GTIs and Grand Prix Pile-ups, weighing in at 160-175g with a rsp of 99p. The mega bag is aimed at kids' parties and other sharing events, giving 16 mini bags mixed across all the Roadrunners variants, at rsp £2.29 for 420g. The brand revs up with a major TV campaign for terrestrial and satellite channels during spring/summer 2001. And in addition to TV advertising, a major sampling campaign will involve 350,000 mini bags cover mounted on the front of the Beano and Dandy during April and May 2001, parking the Roadrunners brand name infront of nearly two million seven to 15 year olds. A wacky races website is also being created, which is highlighted on every pack, giving visitors the chance to play the Roadrunners' race for prizes at www.roadrunnersrace.com. Creative point of sale units are also available to independent retailers to provide a strong in-store display for the range. With the spotlight on sugar free confectionery last year, Van Slooten Sugarfree Winegums were launched in summer 2000 promising all the taste of a winegum without the sugar. Aimed at specialist sections of the confectionery market, the product was launched principally to pharmacies, where the brand experienced an 87% reorder rate by stores who had trialled the product. Designed to have a softer texture than normal sugar free products, Van Slooten Sugar Free Wine Gums were rated the same in taste trials as its sugary equivalent. Meanwhile, Nedan's star studded kids' character range is joined by a host of new licences this year, including Baby Bugs, Peanuts, the ubiquitous Pokémon and an innovative interactive toy called Jungle Mission, soon to be available nationwide through convenience and multiple stores. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}