Ultrasonic gadgetry is Diageo’s latest tactic to help consumers enjoy the iconic black and white pint of Guinness at home.
The plug-in Guinness Surger, which will initially be launched in 130 Tesco Extra stores on Monday (February 27), has been created by Diageo Great Britain to help beer drinkers enjoy Guinness from home, as on-trade beer consumption continues to decline.
The novelty product sends ultrasonic sound through the beer to recreate the brand’s well-
known settling process when poured in a pub and to leave a smooth creamy head. It will launch as a starter kit (rsp: £16.99) containing a Guinness
Surger unit, a pint glass and two 520ml cans of Guinness Draught Surger beer. A four-pack of the Surger beer - the same recipe as its Draught beer variants but with different levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen - will also be on sale, priced in line with the widget-activated Guinness Draught in cans.
Teresa Octavio, Diageo GB’s innovation strategy director, said: “Diageo has developed Guinness Surger to increase the frequency of home consumption of Guinness by offering consumers another way to enjoy a quality Guinness Draught experience while relaxing at home.”
Beer expert Pete Brown said the new product reflected beer companies’ attempts to appeal to the growing number of at-home drinkers. “Consumers will always want to recreate the experience of having that beer in the home. Fair play to Diageo. I think if I worked there I’d be trying to do exactly that: trying to take the on-trade experience into the home.”
Sonya Hook