The latest resting place for Harp lager is set to be Castle Eden. This is the result of the restructure plan unveiled for Wolverhampton and Dudley. The Midlands regional giant which has been the subject of takeover rumours for a year has decided to sell its only lager making brewery, Camerons, to the Hartlepool based independent Castle Eden. W&D acquired the rights to Harp Irish from Guinness and that contract still has eight years to run. It will still continue to manage and market the brand with Castle Eden brewing under contract. It will continue to be brewed in the same place by the same brewing team. W&D is also planning to close the Mansfield brewery and spokesman Jeremy Eaton said all the brands would continue to be produced at the Wolverhampton plant. The rest of W&D's brand portfolio will also remain largely unaffected. Eaton said W&D brands account for 4.9% of national take home beer sales. {{DRINKS }}