Hunger for healthy nibbles has favoured the fruit snack market in both at-home and on-the-go formats

Consumer hunger for healthy nibbles has had a negative impact on the crisps, nuts and bagged snacks category overall, but the trend has proved good news for fruit snacks with its natural health benefits.
Both in- and out-of-home sales have experienced strong growth driven by increased penetration.
The in-home fruit snacking sector grew by nearly 15% in the last year and is valued at £81m compared to out-of-home, which clocked up sales of £57m, up 27% [TNS 52 w/e February 27, 2005].
“Increasing concerns about health and nutrition have brought lots of new consumers to the category as they actively seek out healthy snack
alternatives,” says Whitworths’ marketing director David Smith.
He predicts the fruit snack market will double in the next two years as snacking habits continue to change.
Jonathan Crisp certainly believes in the positive future of the fruit snack market. The crisp manufacturer recently launched Apple Nibbles, its first foray into the fruit crisps category
The air-dried 1% fat crisps continue the company’s drive for high quality and healthier snacks, and come in 40g single-serve and 100g sharing bags.
The sector has also benefited from successfully expanding out of the home baking aisle, a move which has made it visible to a bigger audience.
Future growth is likely to continue to come from health, with children and young adults a key growth area, according to Smith.
“Parents want children to enjoy healthy snacks but realise that better-for-you products must appeal to children as well. We have responded with a range of healthy fruit snacking options that combine health benefits with classroom credibility,” says Smith.