jj foodservice healthy eating

JJ Food Service will extend its healthy eating initiative to Brighton after its successful London launch. 

The initiative, which was initially launched in partnership with the Mayor of London, offers cafés, restaurants and pubs a 10% discount on healthier options. 

“The work we recently did in London with the Healthier Catering Commitment had positive results for everyone involved, so we are delighted to extend the offer to other regions to champion the healthier eating message,” said JJ Food Service group general manager Terry Larkin. 

In Brighton, JJ Food Service will work with the local council’s Healthy Choice scheme to give foodservice customers a discount on fresh fruit, vegetables, low-calorie soft drinks, snacks, cereal bars, rapeseed oil and many gluten-free, vegetarian and wholegrain options. 

Brighton & Hove City Council healthy catering project officer Harriet Knights added: “Healthy Choice supports food outlets to prepare, cook and serve food in a healthier way and those that do can apply for a free Award.

“We’re always keen to provide outlets in the city access to food and drink products that make it easier for them to promote healthier eating to their customers.”