Wholesalers attending their annual conference on October 21 at Western Manor near Oxford, under the umbrella of the Fresh Produce Consortium, will hear how promotional cash now available through several sources will be used to boost consumption among schoolchildren. Chief executive Douglas Henderson says this sector ­ which already services educational authorities ­ would be "at the sharp end' of the initiative. The FPC is currently funding research at Cranfield University to gain a greater understanding of purchasing and delivery systems. This will be a significant factor in the success of the scheme to ensure that fruit and vegetables are delivered daily. The whole question of how produce will be costed and how schools will organise internal distribution is still to be determined, but some lessons will inevitably have been learnt from the Bangor School Project. In some cases product was provided by multiples which in effect adopted a school. There should also be additional support through Sustain, an umbrella group representing consumer, food and farming groups which has received a lottery grant of £650,000 to promote Five-a-Day in Lambeth, Leeds and Plymouth. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}