Marlow Foods is bidding to alter perceptions and boost sales of its meat-free Quorn brand with a £2m marketing campaign in the new year.
The Make Savings Massive campaign, which will run during January, is aiming to grow the £89m brand by 10% during 2005. It will then revert back to the current ‘It might just surprise you’ ad campaign.
A new TV ad will use humour to play on the January sales phenomenon by explaining how consumers can slash fat and calories by switching to Quorn.
It will be supported by magazine advertising in consumer and slimming titles, a direct mail campaign targeting five million households, and online and instore activities.
According to the company, 52% of Quorn’s sales come from non-vegetarians, but it claims there are still perceptions that meat-free options are not as tasty as meat equivalents.
Marlow Foods’ marketing director, Guy Longworth, said January was the perfect time to kickstart a change in perceptions. “Healthy eating is the fastest-growing reason for food choice in the UK. Quorn is the perfect solution for those women who are trying to get their family to eat more healthily, but find they have a riot on their hands if this involves a taste trade-off.“
He added: “The vegetarian market has consistently remained around three million consumers, which is only 5% of the UK population, therefore increasing penetration with health conscious non-vegetarians is key to growth.”