Burger obesity

What food manifesto?

Sir, Childhood obesity has finally become a cross-party issue - about time. Only Labour promises a comprehensive obesity strategy in its first 100 days and to impose a child health strategy across all departments - cross-government leadership not seen to date. There is no mention anywhere of measuring food insecurity, a big disappointment for those who see this as a growing political issue.

Conservatives will guarantee food producers the same level of funding currently allocated by the CAP until 2022, which gives some security for producers.

However, our food system’s impact on public health and our environment does not get the attention it deserves from any party. The next government needs a new vision for our food system and a range of policy measures to support consumers.

Laura Sandys, chair, Food Foundation

The stevia solution

Sir, The EU’s announcement that it is to provide scientific advice on the daily intake of added sugar in food by 2020 is a reminder of the need to focus on a balanced diet. Many food and beverage companies are already working hard to offer a range of product choices to moderate their intake of sugar. This commitment to developing great-tasting foods and beverages with less or no sugar and calories requires close partnership between ingredient and food and beverage companies.

PureCircle has the most extensive range of stevia ingredients in the industry, allowing food and beverage companies to more rapidly reduce sugar and calories while maintaining the great taste of their products.

Faith Son, vice president, global marketing and innovation, PureCircle

Tissue stronger for future

Sir, In this current climate of unpredictability, it has never been more vital for businesses to remain agile. Fluctuating exchange rates, rising raw material costs and eventual European market negotiations all must be navigated. For SCA, a focus on tissue quality that meets and exceeds market requirements presents the opportunity to review how we secure capacity for growth, thus creating greater value in our tissue category. The decision to invest in a Through Air Drying (TAD) paper machine based in the UK allows SCA to achieve our broader business objectives while strengthening our contribution to the UK economy and balancing our import/domestic rations.

Thea Roberts, acting VP consumer goods, SCA UK & ROI