Wilkinson Sword has launched an environmentally-friendly razor range for women.

In a move away from the traditional plastic blister packs used for razors, 3-in-1 Naturals will roll out next month in 100% recyclable packaging under the company’s Intuition sub-brand. It replaces the current Intuition Sensitive Care range but has the same 100% natural ingredients, including aloe vera and vitamin E.

The roll-out will be supported by a PR campaign and in-store promotions.

As with the other lines in the Intuition range, Revitalising Care and Hydrasoft, 3-in-1 Naturals will be priced at £5.79 for a razor and single blade. Refill blades are priced at £6.29 for three and £10.79 for six.

Wilkinson Sword claimed early consumer trials revealed purchase intent for the new range was 15% higher than for Intuition Sensitive.

The company, which also sells the Quattro for Women and Quattro for Women Bikini ranges - and holds a 32.4% value share of the female shaving market [Nielsen 52 w/e 24 December 2011] - said its packaging and natural ingredients would help set Naturals apart from rivals.

However, a branding expert questioned the mainstream appeal of a green razor for women. “It might work for consumers who are concerned about the green credentials of their packaging, but fundamentally the women’s shaving market is about a cleaner, smoother, quicker shave,” said Jossie Clayton, consultant at brand consultancy The Value Engineers.