A ground-breaking cheese, which its maker claims can help people reduce their cholesterol levels without compromising on taste, is being launched this week into Asda.

Heartfelt+ is a 12% fat cheese that contains Reducol, an ingredient made using plant sterols and stanols, which are shown to have cholesterol-lowering properties. Produced by dairy company Fayrefield Foods, it is the result of more than two years' development.

Chris Swire, commercial director, said: "It is notoriously difficult to produce a cheese that has a good taste, while matching the requirements of a cholesterol-lowering diet, so we are delighted with the development of Heartfelt+. It will help consumers to maintain the necessary dietary controls and still be able to enjoy cheese."

Reducol was developed by Canadian company Forbes Medi-Tech and has already been used in a range of cholesterol-lowering milk, spreads and yoghurt products under Tesco's own label, launched in January and also manufactured by Fayrefield Foods.

However, this is its first application in cheese and also the first time it has been used for a branded product in the UK, according to the company. It said it was working to produce more products under the brand.

Swire said consumers were demanding more cholesterol-lowering products and that the cheese's 12% fat content was significantly lower than standard cheese.