Traditional snacks based around meat and cheese retain their hold on men, while women want something healthier

Adults, in particular men, are considerably more important to the lunchbox category than children.
According to TNS, adult males account for 42% of all lunchboxes consumed and at that occasion are least affected by the trend for healthy eating, instead looking for hearty, filling food. Think doorstep sandwiches, crisps and pastries and you are on the right lines.
Pork Farms Bowyers, for instance, has improved its range of slices, making them 15% bigger with improved fillings, while Ginsters has launched a range of rolls that are based on its bestselling and near-ubiquitous Cornish pasties.
Dairy Crest is also developing adult snacks under its Cathedral City brand. Lunch Pack, which contains Branston pickle and Jacob’s crackers, has been joined by Dip & Go, consisting of cheese sticks and a mustard pickle from Branston.
Pork Farms Bowyers has also come up with two new savouries, launched specifically for the convenience sector, that it hopes will appeal to a wider audience.
The Cumberland sausage & tomato savoury and ham & pepperoni savoury offer consumers a ‘lighter eat’ to other Pork Farms Bowyers’ lines and the company is consequently hoping they will bring more women into the brand.
Marketing director Gary Johnston says: “We have high expectations for these new products as our research shows that they will have significant appeal to women and the younger market.”
TNS says women account for 29% of lunchbox foods eaten, and health is much more of an issue for them than it is for men.
Salad is a popular lunch option for women but not everyone has time to make up their own each morning.
Heinz’s Salad Shakers range capitalises on this factor with a convenient offer in a plastic pot with an individual portion of dressing and a plastic fork.
A tuna Salad Shaker has just been added to the range and Heinz has also introduced Pasta Shakers in honey and mustard chicken, mozzarella and tomato; and chicken and bacon.
Tom Cardwell, senior brand manager at Heinz, says: “These are ideal lunches for people on the go, as they can be eaten straight from the shaker.”
They are aimed primarily at women in the 16 to 45-year-old age group. Cardwell is anticipating that consumers will buy them two or three times a week.
“We are aiming for full distribution anywhere consumers can buy a sandwich close to work, either on the high street or in convenience stores.”
Kerry Foods offers consumers something slightly more indulgent with its Golden Vale Brunchettas cheese snacks.
The products are targeted at adults, which is the fastest-growing sector in cheese snacks.
Brunchettas were launched last year and now command a 40% share of the adult cheese snacks market with sales set to top £6m in their first year.
Peter Elvin, marketing manager at Kerry Foods, says that the appeal of Brunchettas’ comes from their ability to boast “real food” credentials.
The latest variety is soft cheese & cranberry, which was launched in July and is the first soft cheese variant to appear in the range.
This particular line is also appealing to people’s charitable instincts with 15p from each pack sold donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer in support of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.