The enduring heatwave is causing havoc for a wide variety of sectors across Europe and beyond. Milk output is reported to be slumping in many parts of Spain, Italy and France, as well as other regions in Germany and Austria.

Grass pastures and feeding maize have been badly burnt up, which is likely to affect the cost of feedstuffs during autumn and winter.

The recent heat wave across most of the UK is also tending to depress current milk output.

In other sectors, the Association of European Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industries said this harvest was likely to be the poorest in years.

UK egg production has also been affected with producers reporting significant reductions in the numbers of large eggs being laid.

Pinks are likely to prove a major problem for North American salmon canners.

South east Alaska and Canada are experiencing heavy rains, causing serious problems for the beleaguered industry.

Last year, selling prices were below cost and this will happen
again this year. UK buyers currently visiting North America to negotiate new season’s contracts report a feeling of despondency among canners, already under pressure after last year’s financial problems.

There is a worldwide market for pinks but not to the extent that the surplus will be easily sold.

United States government contracts for school and military programmes will help, but these only apply to 418g, thus the need to sell 213g remains critical.

However likely selling prices here are $13 per case against an industry cost of $16-plus.

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