Exclusive Karen Dempsey Heinz is dolloping £10m into a major campaign to relaunch its Salad Cream ­ six months after threatening to dump it. As well as reassuring those who protested about the potential loss when the story broke last October, Heinz aims to spread the Salad Cream word among a new and younger generation of consumers. The campaign focuses on the theme Any Food Tastes Supreme with Heinz Salad Cream'. A new TV ad campaign ­ breaking in April and running until May ­ and an interactive web site (www.saladcream.com) will urge people to eat Heinz Salad Cream with anything. Radio, press and poster ads and further TV ads will run later this year. It also aims to give the brand a quirkier, cooler image by linking up with Jongleurs Comedy Clubs from May 2 to run the Heinz Salad Cream Comedy Tour. And it is targeting the youth market with sampling activity at music festivals and in shopping centres. The brand has also revamped its packaging and labelling. The product is the same. Heinz has high expectations for the performance of the campaign, even to the extent of knocking Ketchup off its perch. Stefan Barden, director, European Sauces, Heinz, said: "The relaunch will drive the brand to becoming the number one table sauce in the UK." {{P&P }}