Heinz has won a landmark ruling in its battle to position some canned goods as contributing towards the recommended five daily portions of fruit or vegetables.
Ad watchdogs this week threw out complaints by campaigners at the Food Commission that Heinz had "misled" consumers by running press and poster ads which boasted that cans of Heinz tomato soup, baked beans and spaghetti could contribute towards a healthy diet.
The manufacturer, which has declined to sign up to the DoH's 5-a-day logo, said it was "very pleased" with the ASA ruling.
Michael Mullen, general manager of corporate affairs for Heinz Europe, said: "The ruling supports the fact Heinz baked beans, soup and spaghetti in tomato sauce can contribute towards the five daily portions."
He said Heinz would comply with the one minor ruling against it by the ASA ­ that it should no longer claim tomato soup counted as two recommended daily portions instead of one.

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