>>How one of 2004’s top launches is faring

Golden Skins
Golden Wonder
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The premium end of the crisps market has received a lot of attention in the past year, with a number of the big players bringing out new products.
Golden Wonder stepped up its fight against arch rival Walkers last summer by bringing out Golden Skins - a premium range of thick-cut crisps with the peel left on.
Valued at £2.3m, the newcomer has proved a winner for Golden Wonder [ACNielsen MAT to June 11, 2005]. It has clocked up 25% distribution of all possible outlets during this period and has had a very positive response from buyers.
“The range is performing very strongly and has exceeded initial expectations, as Golden Wonder has had inconsistent success with its new product development programme in recent years,” says Peter Hindmarsh, Nisaway category controller. He puts the success of the product down to it being a good quality range with strong flavours.
Hindmarsh also points to the strong marketing support behind the newcomer, which was backed by a £2.5m launch programme that included a highly distinctive national poster campaign.
Golden Skins has proved particularly popular in households with three or more family members.
It has made the biggest impact with people aged 16 to 44, while the premium offering has proved less popular with consumers aged 44-plus. Trial levels have been low, with slightly less than 4% of ACNielsen’s consumer panel having tried the product. However, a reasonable 16% of those have returned for a second purchase [ACNielsen 4 w/e June 11, 2005].
Originally launched in three cheese-based flavours, two new variants - salt & vinegar and salt & black pepper - were added this year.
The marketing programme continues next month with a national press advertising campaign, which forms part of an additional £2.5m marketing push for 2005.