>>How one of last year’s launches is faring

knorr simply stock
unilever uk foods
Launch date:
January 2005
When Unilever UK Foods launched Knorr Simply Stock just over a year ago, the food giant said that it had identified a £6m sales opportunity.
So far, the liquid stock pouch offering, which hit shelves in January 2005, has clocked up sales of £466,000, a figure with which the company insists it is happy.
“The brand has without doubt lived up to expectations,” said Natercia Kubicek, business group manager.
“Unilever was aware that liquid stocks is a newly emerging segment in the market and that growth would be achieved from a very small base, as stock cubes still account for more than 80% of the total stocks category.”
Listed in Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrisons, Somerfield and Waitrose, the brand has achieved 28% distribution in all possible outlets and is faring far better than its rivals, according to Unilever. “The Knorr Simply Stock brand significantly outperforms its nearest competitor, Oxo Real Stock, in terms of value, volume and rate of sale,” said Kubicek.
However, having captured a mere 0.24% of the total £231.8m meat and vegetable extracts market, there is still plenty of room for growth. Only 1.3% of ACNielsen’s consumer panel have tried the product. On a more positive note, a much healthier 20.5% of the panel were impressed enough to return for a second purchase.
Knorr Simply Stock recently benefited from a £4.5m marketing campaign across the overall Knorr stock portfolio.
This push replaced the £5m support package that Unilever originally announced it had earmarked as a launchpad for the newcomer. Kubicek is positive that the activity will help grow the brand.
“We expect the brand will grow by a significant proportion this year. We plan to achieve this by focusing on growing distribution, the high-profile marketing campaign and through in-store activity.”
n Data: ACNielsen 4 w/e or 11 months to December 24, 2005.