Heinz salad cream

Those poor snowflake millennials. They don’t know how to use a can opener, it emerged last month. And now, Kraft Heinz ‘sauces’ told The Grocer this week, they’re pondering a name change as (apparently) millennials don’t know what Salad Cream is for. Isn’t the clue in the title? It’s a lot easier concept to grasp than ketchup or sriracha, anyway. 

Still, credit to Kraft Heinz for whipping up another table sauces storm (several weeks before the silly season has even started). Non-millennials will remember when Heinz threatened to axe its Salad Cream, causing an outcry, back in the late 1990s.

That was a great PR stunt. And Sandwich Cream has the same ring to it. Just ahead of the summer ’n all.

I can see Kraft Heinz opting to ‘save’ the Salad Cream name after another ‘outcry’, and introducing a bunch of new flavours - balsamic, gherkin, kimchi perhaps - to modernise the offer. Because Salad Cream is for salad (it’s great with cucumbers). And if you want a cream for your sandwich there’s Sandwich Spread. Or better still mayo, of course.