Days ago, the name Dewhurst was little more than a memory.

Now, thanks to a business led by former Kwik Save boss David Birchall, the long-gone chain of butcher shops is making headlines.

But before readers of a certain age get misty-eyed at the thought of once again treading sawdust-strewn shop floors, it seems far more likely Dewhurst will return as a product range rather than a retailer.

Birchall & co have talked of bringing some branded ‘oomph’ to the own-label-dominated fresh meat aisle but this begs the question, why has no-one done it before? If they thought they could make a brand work in the fresh meat aisle, wouldn’t the likes of Vion and 2 Sisters have had a punt?

To succeed, Dewhurst will have to find a genuine and compelling way to set itself apart from the own-label meat offer as Aurora Food Marketing has done with its Coronation Street-themed range.

It will need to find its own story, a way to appeal to a wide range of 21st-century shoppers. After all, those of us who remember it from first time around aren’t getting any younger.