Morrisons went on the attack last week, vowing to price-match Aldi and Lidl through its new loyalty scheme, Match & More. Some hailed it as a clever move. Others panned it.

“Lidl’s marketing is on fire right now, catching and even overtaking Aldi’s”

James Halliwell, features editor

As to the discounters, a few years ago, they would have kept a dignified, Teutonic silence. But in yet another sign of how the times have changed, Lidl is showing Germans not only have a sense of humour, but that they can be responsive and social too. Lidl’s cheeky riposte, via press ads that quickly went viral on Twitter, skewered Morrisons scheme by detailing the 28 fiddly steps it would take to get a coupon and match Lidl on price compared with, well, just going to Lidl.

It’s an old trick. Tesco used it back in 2011 to point out that Asda’s Price Guarantee took 12 steps. But seeing as Lidl is busy pinching Tesco’s sales it may as well grab some marketing at the same time.

Lidl is particularly on fire at the moment, catching up - and overtaking? - Aldi when it comes to clever marketing. And with sales at both continuing to motor, while sales at the big four slump, it shows that many shoppers just want clear and simple value from a supermarket in 2014. Not more scheming.