Also, I tend to go for things that are similar to what I cook, such as curries and pasta in sauce. But I always wonder if spicy sauces are used to disguise a lack of flavour in the food. And the idea of hot food quickly appeals, although there is usually never enough. With this in mind, I imagine this Heinz range is aimed at a busy person who likes spicy food, as most of the range is meat in a fairly spicy sauce. The instructions were the usual cook, stir and cook again, but the warning on the packet that the product would be hot' after cooking seemed a bit obvious. I liked the purple colour of the boxes and would find that easy to recognise on the shelf. The name also impressed me until I realised I had read it wrong, thinking they were called Mean Streets Bistro. On the whole they did taste better than any of the microwave meals I have had in the past, although the look of them after being cooked was not so good. The vegetables tasted crisper than I had expected but were often burnt on top, while pieces of meat not covered in sauce came out rather dry, and some of the sauce burned on the side of the tray. The lasagne was the best of them, perhaps because the sauce covered the meat better. The sauces, though, were generally very good and quite rich or creamy, and the meat was well cooked. It seems strange, though, that oven cooking is recommended as giving the best results when, surely, everyone microwaves these meals. Overall I liked them and might use the lasagne as flu food in preference to other microwave meals. But I can't see them becoming part of my regular shop. {{P&P }}