The two varieties ­ Milk Chocolate Hobnobs and Milk Chocolate Digestive biscuits ­ are bite-sized' versions of the standard biscuits and they come in appropriate snack-size packs. Packaging is not unattractive, although only the shiny silver reverse side would make it stand out on the shelf. It has clear links to the main brand, however, and definitely indicates biscuits. The white writing on the Chocolate Homewheat brown bags gives a rustic look. I did most of my munching in front of the TV, accompanied enthusiastically by my girlfriend, Nicola ­ a real biscuit fan. Given the size of the packets, you could take them pretty much anywhere and Nicola reckons they work well in the office. I think they would be particularly suitable for eating in the car too, as they wouldn't leave too many crumbs. Oat-flavoured Chocolate Hobnob Munchbites and digestive biscuit-based Chocolate Digestive Munchbites are both, like their standard size relatives, topped with milk chocolate and the thickness is just right ­ any more would be too much. Picking a favourite comes down to which brand you prefer in the first place really. I plumped for Hobnobs as they have a bit more texture, while Nicola found them too sweet. Both retail at 35p a bag, which I think is about right for what you get. I think they'd appeal to almost anyone with a sweet tooth. Given that I've never really been one for biscuits, I don't think I'm going to become a habitual user, but I did genuinely enjoy them, and can see myself buying them again occasionally. Nicola says she's never really thought about biscuits as a portable snack before, but she says she's now much more likely to pick them up instead of a bag of crisps in the future. She did say, though, that TV advertising would help to remind her. {{P&P }}