Iceland Hungry Man

Iceland’s Hungry Man ready meal range is targeting men with big appetites

Iceland has launched a new frozen ready meal range aimed at men.

The ‘Hungry Man’ range is designed for males with “bigger appetites” and retails at £2 for 600g. Iceland’s standard ready meal price is £1 for 500g. The Hungry Man range has nine choices including Cowboy Burger & Bean Chilli, Hot Kickin’ Chicken Noodles and BBQ Chicken Wedges. 

Nick Canning, Iceland’s executive director for people, said the range will offer consumers more choice. “This is all about adding more choice to our ready-meal offer and the range is targeted at men with a ‘healthy’ appetite,” Canning told The Grocer.

The frozen ready-meal market was down 6.5% in value to £390.8m, on volumes down 5.4%, for the year ending 17 August 2013 [Nielsen]. There are no plans for a ‘Hungry Woman’ range, Iceland said.