Magnum taken on Thorntons is squaring up to Unilever's 

Magnum brand with two new luxury ice cream sticks, the first time it has entered convenience and supermarket channels with its ice cream. Toffee Temptation and Chocolate Trio will be available from next month in Sainsbury's, Somerfield impulse and in the Co-operative Group priced at £2.69 for three 100ml sticks. 

McCain goes posh 

McCain is understood to be planning a relaunch of its Home Fries range supported by a £2m push to reposition it as a more upmarket product. The updated range is reported to be available from later this month. 

Actimel vanilla 

Danone Actimel is introducing a new vanilla flavour to its Actimel brand following its recent online competition to find Britain's next new flavour. The newcomer will be backed by TV ads next month.