The Really Garlicky Company is hoping the trend for home cooking will boost sales of its large clove varieties as it recovers from two poor years.

The UK's largest garlic grower's crops were hit by a virus in 2007, while volumes were down last year when a crop trial went wrong. However yields and quality of this year's crop are reportedly excellent, with early season sales up.

The vast majority of garlic in the UK market is imported softneck garlic, which is said to be easier to grow and keeps for longer.

The Really Garlicky Co is promoting the home-grown porcelain hardneck variety, a close relative of wild garlic, which features large juicy cloves, easy-to-peel skin and a sweet, smooth flavour. It produces six to eight cloves, compared with 20 in softneck garlic.

Porcelain hardneck garlic is sold in Waitrose across the UK, as well as Booths, Scottish Tesco stores and a number of farm shops, delicatessens and specialist outlets. The Scottish crop is in season from late July to December.

"Lots of people perceive garlic as just garlic," said Really Garlicky managing director Glen Allingham. "We want to educate people that there are differences."