Info: Usage overview of exotic fruit.

Year ending August 2007. Total consumption

Exotic fruit was eaten on 442 million occasions last year

56% of exotic fruit is consumed by the over-45s

28% of exotic fruit is eaten at the evening meal

Exotic fruit consumption on the up

The total number of occasions at which exotic fruit is eaten has risen by 15% over the past 12 months, mainly driven by increased consumption among adults aged 45+. This group accounts for more than half of all exotic fruit consumed and has increased consumption 14% year-on-year.

Females aged 45+ not only account for one in every three occasions at which exotic fruit is eaten, but also have a higher share of consumption for exotic fruit than other fruit. The popularity of exotic fruit is not confined to older adults, however. Males aged 17-34 are the fastest-growing group of consumers, with a 61% increase compared with 2006, and consumption by children has grown by 7%.

Exotic fruit is very much an in-home food product, with 91% of consumption occurring in this environment. The evening meal represents the main occasion when exotic fruit is consumed (28%), up 18% year-on-year. Although consumption at lunch represents only 18% of all occasions, it has increased by 31%. Compared with all fruits, exotic varieties are less likely to feature as part of the lunchbox. The soft nature of exotic fruit means it is seen as less practical compared with other fruits, which is clearly a factor behind its lower consumption out of the home.

Marine Samzun