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Info: Usage overview of mackerel. In-home and lunchbox

Mackerel is worth £79m in market value and grew 1.3% in the past year

There were 95 million meals featuring mackerel last year, a figure that has remained constant since 2004

Lunch and evening meals account for 81% of consumption

Mackerel is frequently eaten with salad

A healthy option for lunchtime

Health is the primary reason for consumption of mackerel and sales are being boosted by the current popularity of fish as a healthy food option. It is a good source of Omega-3, which is linked to many health benefits such as protecting the heart and joints.

While nearly a quarter of all fish is eaten for health reasons, this figure rises to 42% for mackerel. Enjoyment is the next most important factor, with just over a third of consumption being for this reason.

Mackerel has a very different consumption profile when compared with other types of fish. Whereas fish overall has a bias towards Fridays, driven by fish and chips, only 3% of mackerel is eaten with chips (compared with 23% for all fish) and 42% of mackerel is consumed with salad.

Consumption is concentrated among the 45+ age group, who eat 70%. Children account for 17% of all fish consumption but are only responsible for 5% of all mackerel eaten.

The meal profile of mackerel also differs to that of total fish. Mackerel is popular among consumers eating lunch at home, with 40% of all meals featuring the fish occurring at this time, while other fish are more often eaten at teatime and the evening meal.

Gareth Shaw