Three billion meals featured yoghurt last year Yoghurt sales hit £1bn after 4% growth year-on-year 30% of yoghurt is consumed by women aged 45+ 80% of yoghurt is eaten during the week A healthy boost for yoghurt consumption The drive to clean up school food has given yoghurt a healthy boost. Consumption has increased by 5% over the past year to three billion meal occasions and the demographics of consumption are changing. Although yoghurt is still mainly eaten at the evening meal (23%) and lunch (22%), this share of consumption is falling in favour of breakfast and the lunchbox, as children begin to eat more. The importance of yoghurt in the lunchbox is up nearly 25 percentage points on the year and its appeal is widening. Women account for nearly half of all yoghurt consumption, which is strongest among the over-45s. Younger children also have a relatively high consumption. Those in the 17-24 age group eat the least, but all ages from 11-44 under-consume their share of yoghurt. More than 80% is eaten during the working week, as a morning snack or in the lunchbox, up by five points over the past year. Half of all yoghurt is consumed for health reasons, an increase of 8% year-on-year, in line with the general tendency towards healthier options and on the back of new yoghurts with added health benefits. Consumers also see it as a convenient option - 47% more consumers described it as practical than 12 months ago. Teresa Fisher