Interbrew is continuing its focus on imported bottled beers with the UK launch of a South American brand.
Brazilian lager Brahma is being imported and will be made available to the off-trade from the autumn after an on-trade trial in May.
It comes following the merger of Interbrew with Brazilian brewing giant and Brahma producer, AmBev, in 2004.
The bottled beer, established in 1888 and brewed in Brazil, will be positioned as a premium imported lager and Interbrew says the price will reflect this.
Interbrew, which is predicting that sales of speciality beers will
rise five-fold over the next decade, is investing heavily in a portfolio that includes Hoegaarden and Leffe.
Significant investment will go into a marketing campaign for Brahma targeting 21 to 34-year-old consumers.
The launch will see Brahma packaged for the UK market in a sculpted 335ml bottle with a red and orange label and rolled out to 15 different markets in 2005 from USA to the Ukraine.
Mandy Brobowski, head of Interbrew UK’s new business development team, said: “The UK consumer is by far the most discerning consumer. A lot of the global strategy has been driven by the UK.”
Brobowski said the launch reinforces Interbrew’s ‘No Fibs’ campaign for genuine imported beers, but the decision to launch Brahma primarily responded to consumer demand. “What will make it different is that it will deliver on attitude,” she said.
Brahma follows the UK launch last year of A Marca Bravara, Halewood International’s Brazilian lager.
Sonya Hook