Pink Lady spearheads wider strategy Australian fruit growers plan to reactivate their presence in the UK with a range of apples and stone fruit after years of concentrating on sales to the Pacific Rim. Earmarked are peaches, nectarines, cherries and a wider range of apples such as Red Delicious, which will be arriving in a fortnight, and later Cameo, a US variety now licensed, said Andrew Dick, general manager, the Australian Fresh Fruit Company. Blackburn was present at the official launch of the Australian Pink Lady season in the UK which will have its own campaign alongside its generic equivalent, funded internationally. The variety has taken the world by storm since it was first introduced 10 years ago. This season, according to export business development manager Des Muir, Australian shipments here will reach 250,000-300,000 cartons. Some success is being experienced by another unique trademarked variety, Sundowners. Many growers think Granny Smith can make a resurgence. Muir is confident increasing consumer popularity will ensure premium prices. But discussions are under way to develop an alternative name for that proportion of the Pink Lady crop which does not meet strict colouration, pressure and sugar levels. "The variety is very difficult and expensive to grow," he said. "Inevitably there will be regions of the world where growing conditions are not perfect and we will eventually have to guard our reputation." The apple can also be sold outside the brand by its true name Cripps Pink, and there are other variations beginning to surface such as Pink Kiss. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}