Tea has been a popular ingredient over the past few weeks, with a number of novel foods featuring tea or green tea in their formulation. Japanese company Kasugai introduced Chip Choco, which are chocolate chips flavoured with green tea. And French retailer Carrefour has launched Thé Earl Grey en Gelée under its Escapades Gourmandes brand. This spread is made from a tea based jelly preparation which has been cooked in brass cauldrons. The product is citrus-flavoured and is ideal for spreading on toasts or on crêpes. Natural ingredients and products that help maintain health and beauty are a key trend and account for many product launches. Asahi of Japan has launched Zakuro Jelly, pomegranate-flavoured jelly sweets. This fruit is said to contain collagen and vitamin C, and the product is particularly targeted at women. The Spanish olive oil market has seen an interesting new packaging development. Spanish company El Garotal has launched ArteOliva, an olive oil available in cartons which preserve the oil from light and oxygen. ArteOliva is available in 500ml, 250ml and 125ml formats. There have been two interesting new children's products. In France, a company called Philippe has launched the first coffee for children under the name of Super Xantos. The coffee is a ground arabica from Brazil, which is lightly sweetened and caffeine-free. In Malaysia, Sangla Foods has launched Tweety Vegetable, vegetable crackers enriched with calcium and particularly formulated for children. Nestlé has launched Maggi Gourmet Bouillon, claimed to be the first liquid bouillon in a squeezable PET bottle. It can be easily dispensed from the bottle and used for soups, sauces, ready meals, flavouring and drinks. Each bottle is equivalent to five litres of full-taste stock. {{MARKETING - P&P }}